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You are Quazar, a Timeshifter Agent who’s sworn duty is to travel through dimensions and combat evil interlopers who feed on the fabric of space-time itself. Each level has you fighting hordes of enemies on your limited Time Charge, and you must defeat all of them to proceed. However, if you are skilled enough and lead Quazar to a quick victory, then you can use your remaining Time Charges at the end of a level to buy upgrades or to put forward to your mission in the next dimension.

Beware though, as time is running short! Do you have what it takes to save the multiverse?


My entry for the Godot Wild Jam #16, Theme: Short On Time

(PLEASE NOTE: This game is still being built and after the submission date on December 15 may not ever be updated again.)

As an extra challenge to myself, I also streamed the whole development of the game live on YouTube so consider subscribing to me there if you want to see something like that in the future. (Also a supercut with timelapses will be coming soon.)

And to top it all off, this game is open source under the MIT license and the source code is published over on my Github.

If you liked this project, my streams, or just want to help a gamedev keep living towards his aspirations, consider chipping me a buck for your project download. Alternatively, consider buying me a coffee on my Ko-fi page.

Thank you so much and I hope you have fun with my little jam game :)

A special shoutout to my long time friend and musician Mullywhizz for the music, you can check him out on Tumblr or his official Spotify page!

~ AniMerrill, a.k.a. Ethan Merrill


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Version 9
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Version 9
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Version 9
timeshifter-win32.zip 18 MB
Version 9
timeshifter-mac.zip 20 MB
Version 9

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